Blog #10

One thing that I've realised over the last few weeks is how weak my technical skills are when it comes to social media. Yes, I'm fine with What'sapp and ordinary texts, but it's been a steep learning curve with communication methods such as Zoom and Facebook Live for instance. I Had no idea about You Tube channels either. The only channel I really engaged with before was the one you have to cross to get to a decent retaurant and a hypermarket.

However, slowly but surely I'm getting there, even though my sons still occasionally look at me as if to say, 'how can you not know that!?' I soldier on hoping that one day I'll really understand how to do it all but, by then of course, there'll be something new that I've got to to get to grips with. Perhaps I'll buy one of those books like, "Social media for dummies" or "How to improve your competence with computers in 28 easy steps", but probably the only way round the problem is to listen to someone who knows how to do it.

At the last supper Jesus prepared to wash His disciples feet one by one (John 13:4-12) but Peter objected to the Lord providing such a menial service for him. "Never shall you wash my feet!" he exclaims. But Jesus replies, "If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me." Peter's understanding, as with all the disciples, was patchy at best and Jesus knows this about them when He says, "What I do you don't realise now but you will understand hereafter." (v7)

There are times in life when we don't understand very much at all, whether it's to do with computers or cars or people or God. But when it comes to God, we have to listen and learn. We have to learn the ways of God and if we refuse God's washing of our inner lives and His forgiveness of our sins we will have 'no part with him'. Ignorance is not going to be an option when we finally meet the Lord face to face. And he's not going to ask if we got to grips with social media either. He's going to ask whether we asked Jesus into our hearts and accepted the forgiveness provided by His blood.

This is the choice of every individual on the planet; there is no plan that I know of for collective salvation. We all, one by one, need to accept what Christ has done for us individually and go from that place knowing for sure that we are His.