Blog #11

 If you take time to read through the gospels you will find Jesus talking about the 'end times' and how we will recognize them in due course. Crucially, however, He says that no one knows when those times will be, not even Himself. Only the Father knows. In fact, only the Father knows when Jesus will return to the earth and so we will do well not to spend our time trying to calculate the date of that awesome event. 

If, indeed, you have read through the gospels you will know that Jesus spent a lot more time explaining to the disciples that He would be betrayed, tortured and killed and after three days would rise again victoriously, than discussing when armageddon would occur. For instance, He predicted the temple would be destroyed but would rise again after a very short period of time, but the temple was His own body and the prophesy was about Himself.

In my view, communicating these particular facts of prophesy appeared to be higher on Jesus' agenda than explaining the way the world will end in chronological, calendar-fixed detail. And I think there is a simple reason for this; Jesus' mission was to, 'seek and to save the lost,' and His return one day will be to gather those who have put their faith in Him and govern a new heaven and a new earth with them. In short, Jesus 'loved us and gave Himself for us', and His desire is for us to love Him back and give ourselves to Him so that we might, in turn, seek out the lost and tell them the good news.

If we spend too much time speculating about how the current Corona virus might be a sign of the 'end times' we are missing something important. We read in Mark 10:32 of the disciples that, 'Jesus was walking on ahead of them, and they were amazed, and those who followed were fearful'. It seems to me that our top priority in these days should be to continue being amazed at who Jesus is and for what he has accomplished on our behalf in a spirit of worship rather than following from a distance and being fearful of what the future might hold.