Blog #14

I didn't grow up in a Christian home. By that I mean I didn't have parents who were followers of Jesus and were part of a local church congregation. Having said that, my home was certainly governed by Christian principles (as many are) and my parents brought my sister and I up to be good members of society albeit not born-again ones. 

Despite this domestic context however, I was sent to our local church every Sunday along with many other kids of my age and there I heard the gospel of Jesus. I was never allowed to go to Sunday school unwashed or unkempt and I wore smart clothes and good shoes without questioning the necessity. There were standards to unhold and codes of behaviour to follow.

Many years later things have changed! We are less preocupied with outward appearances and have become more relaxed about formal societal rules. In fact, I would guess that during this time of lockdown alot of young people (and older ones too) are probably attending church services or meetings on Zoom etc. from the comfort of their own beds and still in their pyjamas! Does it matter, as long as we are meeting together?

Recently I heard a report that a bishop in the U.K. announced that there was a genuine possibilty that church congregations might not be able to physically meet for at least another year in this country, although the news from the government suggests this is more like 2-3 months. We will have to wait and see, but while we are waiting we are being encouraged to 'stay alert'. I feel we must stay especially alert over two things when it comes to church life; firstly, we must monitor any particular delay in allowing places of worship to open their doors for public meetings once again. And secondly, it will be worth noting how many churches decide that meeting online is infinitely preferable to meeting up physically each Sunday. After all, we can 'meet' from the comfort of our own homes in our pyjamas.

Perhaps dressing up in 'Sunday-best' wasn't such a bad idea after all. It made us feel that going to church on a Sunday was something special and worth making the effort for, something that we committed to do rain or shine. We might need to rediscover our desire to physically meet and worship together side by side, presenting our bodies 'as a living and holy sacrifice' once again.