Blog #21

Someone pointed out to me, after they had read my last offering, that it was entitled 'Bog #20'. For this I apologise as it was not meant to be a heads up about the quality of the writing or even anything to do with a 'toilet twinning' exercise with a public convenience in Timbuktu. However, normal service is now resumed even though I am writing this article with Phil Collins singing, 'Did I miss again?' in the background.

Talking of music, Jeremy Vine said on Radio 2 today (yes, I do listen to Radio 2), that he was in the studio wearing a T-shirt with, 'I may be old but at least I heard all the great bands live!' I got the same T-shirt for my last birthday and, to a certain extent, I agree with the sentiment. Over the years I've seen Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Spandau Ballet and Simon and Garfunkel to name just a few. And right now, I bet you're reading this and saying, 'Ah, but I bet you didn't get to see....'.  

Yet, even better than witnessing great musical acts in yester-year must be when passing your son's bedroom one day you catch the strains of Clapton or Supertramp seeping out from under the door. The satisfaction of knowing that, despite not appearing to have appreciated my musical tastes at all, he has actually absorbed a good deal of them (and now plays the music for himself out of choice) is fantastic! And who would have guessed it was possible?

There must have been a moment when instead of tuning out he tuned in and embraced something that in many ways was essentially cross-cultural or even counter-intuitive. And this is how it must be with faith; when the stories we have told our kids for a long time are, in a moment, picked up, reappraised and taken to heart by the next generation of believers.

If your children haven't done that yet, don't despair. Keep telling the stories of hope and faith in Jesus. Keep praying. Keep playing the music.

Let me know the bands you went to see and we'll compare notes!