Blog #7

I don't know if you feel the same as me, but I would really like to be tested for Corona virus. I know there are limited resources in this respect but it would help me know whether the symptoms I had last week were now giving me a measure of immunity.

That said, we are all being tested in many ways at the moment whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. So, do this extra simple test now and perform a little self evaluation: Are you sleeping well? Are you eating enough? Do you take your allowed allocation of exercise (if you're able)? When was the last time you a) spoke to someone outside of your home environment? b) didn't watch the news for at least half a day? c) laughed out loud, d) prayed e) read your Bible f) cryed? 

These questions are not meant in judgement but to remind us that life has to go on despite the extraordinary circumstances we are living through. How did you answer them and what do your responses tell you? I for one admit it's hard to laugh out loud at anything at the moment when I see how the disease is affecting so many people's lives for the worse. I'm sure you feel the same. And maybe praying has become something you find hard to do?

But we are given excellent advice in Philippians 4:4 and 6, when Paul says, 'Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!' This isn't just, 'laugh out loud as often as you can'! this is more like, 'be of good joy and remember you are the apple of your Father's eye'. Paul then takes us further and tells us, 'be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God'.  

Joy and prayer go together; when we pray it should raise our level of hope and increase our sense of joy in the presence of God. And vice versa, when we have joy it encourages us to pray with faith and expectation that God is really hearing us. I hope you are sleeping, eating and talking to others in good measure as well as reading the Bible and turning the television off occasionally but my prayer is that you would know Jesus close by and realise how near He really is.