Bog #20

 I've loved Bond films ever since I was a young boy and my favourite James Bond has to be Sean Connery although I think Daniel Craig runs him a close second. You'll have your own opinion about that analysis I'm quite sure but, none-the-less, you may be keenly anticipating the arrival of the 25th Bond movie, 'No Time to Die' very soon like I am. Or at least I was until I watched the news this morning when it was announced the film will be delayed until Spring 2021.

It seems life is delayed until Spring 2021. Boris says the winter will present us with a 'rocky road ahead' and restrictions may get even tighter. Looks like the masks and the hand gel are here to stay for quite a while yet and you might not even be able to take comfort in a trip to the cinema if they all start to close their doors as some have done today.

The reasoning has been interesting; why would anyone want to come out to a cinema and have to be socailly distanced whilst wearing a mask that prevents eating your popcorn and drinking your Coke? It's just not the same. Customers would much prefer to watch a film from their couch. Unless of course there's a blockbuster on it's way. That will get the punters back. But that's not going to happen for a while now.

I couldn't help compare this situation with how things stand for churches currently. Of course it's very important for Christian communities to set the highest standards in reducing the risk of infection from Covid-19 and obey the law in how they operate. But there is also a pervading sense that, unless a blockbuster comes along perhaps like a famous Christian speaker or some other 'special' event, many might well choose the sofa over meeting physically. Whilst the Church has, on the whole, accomodated the virtual world and made the most of new opportunities to disciple and evangelize, there is a danger of becoming virtually disconnected emotionally and spiritually if we're not careful. 

M once said to Bond; 'I would ask you to remain emotionally detached'. We Christians can't allow that to happen.