Pastor's blog

Dear friends,

It was great to see a number of people collecting for our first online 'service' via Zoom last Sunday. I was was impressed with the sense of family, gathering together and sharing the same space, albeit a virtual one. We will endeavour to have such meetings each Sunday at 3.30pm and will extend the use of Zoom to home groups as well. Im also going to start posting this daily blog as we head through this uncertain time together.

As with all difficult times and situations, God can use them for good. For instance, in the midst of trying circumstances, we can find ourselves growing unexpectedly or realizing that our attitides are changing for the better when we least expected them to. But, we can also appreciate that we are not quite the saint we hoped we were either and that can be a little disarming.

This blog is for real people who are experiencing a mix of different feelings. Perhaps sometimes you're full of faith but at other times full of fear? To be honest, I get bouts of both sets of feelings myself. But, God has a way of reminding me that He is bigger than my worries and that He has me covered. On Sunday we took a brief look at Daniel in the Old Testament as he was put into the den with the lions, and watched, along with King Darius, to see how he would fare. Would his God deliver him or not? Did God have him covered? Would Daniel survive?

Perhaps we feel a little like this in our current national situation? There are so many things to be concerned about, so many potential lions to be fearful of. And please don't think for a minute that Daniel wasn't scared. Of course he was. And like Daniel we can get a little scared when we consider the enormity of the circumstances we are facing. But, I'm sure (and I know I'm guessing here), that Daniel would have closed his eyes and imgined he was in a much bigger place than that den. Perhaps he was in the Temple back in Jerusalem, praising God with all the people or maybe just sitting at God's feet like the disciples did around Jesus but, wherever he went in his mind, he knew God was close by.

Faith is all about trusting the One who 'gave it all' for us. As Paul says, 'Since he did not spare even his own son, but gave him up for us all, won't he also give us everything else? (Romans 8: 32). And you will know, I'm sure, that this verse follows very closely after the part about 'God working all things together for the good of those who love him'. (Romans 8:28) 

But please, go back and read Romans 8:28 again and you will see an extra bit tagged on at the end, something about being 'called to his purposes'.  Daniel knew he was called to God's purposes and was totally committed to living for God in everything he did. We are similarly called to live for God's purposes in our own times and I believe each of us have a significant part to play in seeing his Kingdom established in the Poverest square mile and further afield.

So, God isn't simply working for us to have a 'good life.' He's bringing about a change in us. A change of heart such that we will live for him rather than ourselves. He wants us to have a heart for what he has a heart for.

I'm sure God will use these current days to bring changes for our good and the wellbeing of our families. Let's keep our eyes on Jesus and trust him with the process.